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NeoAlice 1.0

Virtual Chem Lab for 

Higher Education 

Subject of Project

Creation of a Virtual Chemical Laboratory for assist the student in Higher Education with the participation of teacher in the process. .

Some differentials of NeoAlice 1.0 :

  • Based in the Builded Reality and  Controlated Freedom Concepts

  • High Easiness for new implementations

  • Possibility of construction of practial class by teacher

  • Special Atention to avoid distortions of reality

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Convênio CAPES/Inovação 3927/2016

Integration with Presential Lab

- student could acess it before the presential lab class:

By this way, the student will can try and understand the sequence of the experiment will be done

- Or  after  the presential lab class:

The student will can repeat the experiment, to test alteration, etc.  

NeoAlice na Mídia

Postulates in supporting the NeoAlice Project

  • The Chemistry is essencially a experimental science 

  • The Virtual Environment DO NOT supplants 

    • The practice in presencial laboratory;

    • The discussion about some topics with a experienced teacher. 

  • Didactics Materials with conceptual or practical errors is very dangerous for the é  muito danoso for learning process.

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