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Alfa (R)

Add-in for the Microsoft Excel

Instalador do Alfa (R)

The add-in Alfa(R) is a set of new functions for Excel, facilitating several calculations associated with chemical equilibria in solution and to Analytical Chemistry

If you don't know how to install a add-in in Excel: 

  • Download this worksheet (botton button)

  • Open the file, click in the button "Instalar" (and "OK" for the next questions).

  • Close the file (it will be not used anymore)

  • When you open some worksheet, the function will be disposable (but macro must be enable)

  • the Alfa functions names are in lowercase letters 

reference guide to add-in alfa(r)

(in Portuguese)

This Reference Guide is a free ebook (still in Portuguese version) teaching how to use the functions of add-in alfa. 

Click the button to link to CEAD/UFV site for on-line reading or download.

If you have any trouble in the download, installing or in use this add-in, contact us
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